5 Ways Yoga Can Help You Improve Your Golf Game

Yoga for golfers incorporates flexibility, strength, balance, core conditioning, and
breathing awareness. YFG also teaches focus, relaxation, and visualization
techniques. The sequence of postures is carefully designed to meet a golfer’s specific

yoga for golf

Yoga has several benefits for golfers:

1. Flexibility

Flexibility, the most obvious physical benefit for golf that can be achieved through yoga,
is a core component of the YFG program. Flexibility increases the range of motion in the
golf swing, reduces swing faults caused by short, tight muscles, and produces more clubhead speed.

2. Better balance
In golf, balance in the stance and throughout the entire swing plane is vital for a repeatable
and reliable golf swing.

3. Strengths

Strength is achieved in yoga by flexing or engaging the muscles. We use the force of
gravity and bodyweight to build strength.

4. Core conditioning

Core conditioning, which involves strengthening the centrally important abdominal and
back muscles are one of the most important aspects of golf performance and a critical
element for longevity in the sport.

5. Focus

Breathing awareness is the number one element in the practice of yoga. The quality of
breath has a direct relationship to the quality of the pose and the mind.
When the body is over-stressed, either in a yoga pose or in the golf swing,
erratic, short breathing is the first sign. By providing tools for incorporating breathing into
the pre-shot routine, the golfer practices rhythm and tempo through breath.

Focus, meditation, and visualization are indispensable tools on the golf course.

Regardless of age, physical challenge or flexibility, Yoga for golfers offers the tools to begin, maintain, and advance one’s yoga practice to achieving results both on and off the golf course.