Beginner golf: 5 easy steps how to get started

How do I get started to play golf? For beginner here you can find a step by step guide, to get started. First and most important you need to understand the ettiquiette and learn how to hit the ball.

Why you should start to play golf now?

  • Golf is a great way to socialize
  • spend hours in nature and get fresh air
  • Golf is the safest sport during covid
beginner golf guide

Beginner golf guide

  1. Borrow clubs or buy a cheap second-hand set: You don’t need to spend much money for new clubs or get the best brand in the beginning. Just get a 7 iron for start and you can practice the basics of the swing.
  2. Learn the basics, how to swing the club: Chipping is the best way to learn how to get the good contact with the ball.
  3. Practice & practice & practice: Be consistent about your lessons and practice, after each lesson be sure to practice what you learn. Each clubs has different swing so it is a complex movements to learn.
  4. Find a friend, family to play with: It’s easier to improve if you have a friend or family who can play with.
  5. Enjoy the process, have fun: Learning golf take time and effort, don’t get fustrated just enjoy the journey.