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Best 5 golf-related books

If you would like to improve your mental game you must read these books. We collected the top golf related book you need to read this year.

Zen Golf

The first and one of my favorites is Zen Golf. This book helps you to find a peaceful mindset when you can be totally in the present moment. You need to let go of any expectation that can ruin your game. Be in the present means, you not worry about your next shot and score and do not think about your mistakes as well.

Golf is a game of confidence

This book is focusing on the most important factor in golf and in life too. Confidence in yourself in your game is the key. If you do not trust your swing and yourself your game will be difficult. This book has useful tips on how to improve your game by growing your confidence.

The inner game of golf

The best golf related books all focus on your mindset, this book is a great example of how important to have the right attitude and mindset for a good golf game. The only way you can improve your mental game and focus if you read more golf-related books and follow the tips and practice it.

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