Golf practice at home

There are a few areas of your game that you can still improve in any circumstances. Working on your short game, putting or focus on your mindset, and reading is a good solution. Start to do some yoga and stretching for your back pain.

Putting practice at home

If you need to stay at home because of the current situation (covid-19) and you still want to practice your game check out the following ideas. You can easily practice putting in anywhere. You only need your putter and a professional putting mat.

Yoga for golfer

Focus on your flexibility or mindset at home is easy. You don`t need to buy anything just practice a few exercises every day and you will see the result when you will play again. Whether you have back pain or want to prevent to have there is a useful stretching exercise.

Working on your mindset

Golf books are useful in these days to improve your mindset. Great advice and tips on how to increase your confidence or calm your mind. Be present at the golf course and not worry about a bad shot.