Golf Practice at home

How to practice golf at home?

There are several parts of your game you can practice at home. We collected the best items and equipment you need for easy and enjoyable practice. If you don`t have a big garden or backyard you still have a chance to practice your short game at home.

Putting at Home

The easiest and most effective way to focus on your putting at home. A putting mat can be easily fitted in any room or garden. You can select from many different types of mats, from ball returning to distance marked. For more home practice ideas check out the top drills at home.

Chipping at Home

Chipping is easy in a small area or in the room too. If you would like to use a net it is more fun. An effective way to practice your short game at home every day. You can have small games with your family or friends too. Great way to improve your distance control and targeting.

Golf Nets at Home

The most difficult part of your practice is your full swing. If you don`t have a garden it can be challenging. If you have a backyard you can get one of our nets and start to practice effectively.

Golfer mindset

The best way to improve your game is not always just physical practice, but your mindset is also an important part. Find out which part of your game is the weakest and focus on that part to improve. The best golf-related books are a really useful and helpful way to start.

Yoga for golfers

Last but not least you can work on your flexibility, balance, and strength at home to avoid injuries and improve your swing. Yoga for golf exercises can be easily practiced at home or on travel.