Play Safe, Stay Safe

How to play golf safely?

Face mask for Golfers

On or off the golf course safety is a priority. If you follow the rules you can play golf safely during these difficult times. Face masks can keep you safe in every kind of situation. In the clubhouse and reception, you have to wear a mask. Why don`t you choose a golf-related one?

Hand sanitizer on your golf bag

If you keep your hand sanitizer on your bag it reminds you to clean your hand easily and fast every time you need it. Useful tools on the golf course during your game.

Social distancing on the course is easy

One of the most important and safest solution if you keep distance from other people. Well, playing golf is one of the safest activity not just because walking in the fresh air is good for you but also keeping distance is very easy.

Useful tools to have on the course

Cleaning your golf balls with your towel is not always effective, pocket ball cleaner an easy and fast solution around the green.

Safety rules on the golf course

The most important rules during your game are keeping distance and don`t touch anything (flags, etc.). After golf in the clubhouse, the face mask is really important to wear. Sanitize and clean your hand regularly. Keep distance from other golfers and workers is really important too. Social distancing is not a problem on the course, playing golf is safe. If it is possible choose to walk instead of using buggy. If you follow the rules, golf is one of the safest sport during covid19.

Lockdown golf practice ideas at home

The second lockdown just started and golfers are facing the home golf practice challenges. There are several options for you to keep working on your game while you need to stay at home.

Play safe & Stay safe