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The golf book every golfer should read

One of the best books for improving your mental golf game is: Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect [Bob Rotella, Bob Cullen, Darren Clarke] 

This book is one of my favourites, which helped me a lot to enjoy my game again. Sometimes having a lesson with a pro can be harmful to your mental game. The swing you trust and hitting the golf balls without a doubt just essential on the golf course. After having a lesson some pro would give you so many technical advise and try to change so many things you will just end up more confused than before.

This has happened to me when I started to have lessons again to improve my swing and distance. I ended up doubting every single shot on the golf course and didn`t enjoy play anymore.

I have already read this book before but that time i did not have real problem to play well or enjoy my game. A few weeks ago I experienced when, you feel you can not hit the ball and everything went wrong on the golf course. I wanted to cry. I decided to read my book again and this time focus on my problems and find the solution.

After I started to read I have realized every single answer is there, exactly what I needed. I made some note to myself and went back playing the next day.

My main goal was to enjoy the game, have fun, and don`t have any swing thoughts. You can imagine the result I played relaxed just by feel and trust my swing.

“The best swing thoughts, no swing thoughts.”

My routine after I read the book was easy. I am here to have fun so I won`t have high expectations and I will accept the bad shots. Golf is not a game of perfection however we all try to think we can have a perfect round.

The best advice from the book was to have my routine really simple without doubts or mechanical thoughts. Before every shot, I just focus on a small target (the smaller the target the better your focus), have pre-shot than visualizing the ball flying to my target. There are no doubts or fear only focus on the positive outcome. Of course, you still going to have bad shots and missed targets but you can easily accept those as well.

All golfers wants to improve their game, whether putting, distance, aiming etc. but we forget to focus the most important thing to have fun and enjoy our game whatever happen. We have good shots, bad shots and if you don`t let the perfectionism ruin your day you will always have a great day.


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