WARM-UP for golf

Ever thought about yoga as a way to improve your golf game?

Not only does it help your concentration skills, but it also helps you to play longer and pain-free.

Golf is an athletic sport that is both physically and mentally demanding. Specific yoga practice improves flexibility, muscular strength, and mobility and is also an excellent way to warm up the body before a round of golf. Warming up for any sport should be dynamic so the body builds core heat which helps warm the muscles.

MENTAL WARM-UP for golf Any exercise will help you improve your golf game, but yoga is the only one that will also help your mental game. Without a strong mental game, even the most physically capable golfers will find themselves underperforming at the tee. Before a round has a few minutes of breathing exercise to get present and release any expectation of how you are going to play that day. A good breathing technique for golf is the best way to regulate your heart rate and feel more relaxed too. Read more in the Algarve Lifestyle magazine.