Yoga for Golfers

Yoga benefits for golfers

Regardless of age, physical state, or flexibility, Yoga for golfers offers the tools to begin, maintain, and advance one’s yoga practice to achieving results both on and off the golf course. Golf is a body-mind sport so it requires physical and mental training. Yoga for golfers helps you to increase your flexibility, balance, core strength, and your focus as well. Golfers spend millions of dollars on equipment and lesson each year to improve their game. Instead of spending money on new clubs, try to focus on your mental game and improve your flexibility and balance.

Many golfers are playing with some kind of pain, don`t have enough flexibility, strength to uphold precise and repetitive movements. The golf swing is not a natural movement so you need to build different muscles. The physical and mental factors are necessary for the game as well as to prevent injury and pain.

You will never see a good golfer with a bad balance. Balance is essential to the golf swing. Staying in balance will take care of so many other swing flaws. Think of an Olympian in gymnastics. They train their entire life for that one jump in front of the entire world and if by accident they miss their landing and fall, the first thing they do is get back in position and act as they landed it in balance. I make all of my golfers do this with their finishes. If they finish and they are out of balance, they have to refine their balance position and hold it for three seconds. This trains the muscles to make a repeatable golf swing and have a much more predictable shot pattern. The only way you can make a repeatable swing is to stay in balance consistently. The main objective of golf is to repeat your swing as often as you can. This will help to improve your golf scores.

Flexibility & Balance poses for golfers

Flexibility is extremely important for golfers. The golf swing requires a wide range of motion where the shoulders turn 90° and the hips turn 45° during the backswing. In order to accomplish this, you must have some sense of flexibility. Without that function, golfers are highly prone to injury when trying to get into these swing positions without any liability. So if anything, make sure you work on flexibility so you don’t hurt yourself when you play.

The following yoga for golfer exercises will help you to reach a more effective golf swing. Hips opener and upper body rotation poses are key for lower body and upper body separation. This yoga program is easy to do at home or anywhere during your travel. It takes only 15-20 minutes every day and can improve your swing and prevent injuries too. Book your online yoga for golfer lesson and learn which exercises are good for improving your posture, balance, and flexibility. We are working with Bobby Saavedra PGA Teacher, who will analyze your swing and we specify your yoga exercises based on your swing.

Meditation & Breathing

Meditation is all about focusing and centering your mind, which is essential in the game of golf. Golf is 90% mental. Don’t just work on the 10% of your game by practicing and hitting golf balls. Meditation will also bring clarity in times when we golfers have too many thoughts at once. Whether it is swing thoughts or just ideas on how to play the game, meditation can help you find a nice balance within your thoughts to keep things simple. When you have a clear idea of what you need to do and you play the game in a simple way, you will be able to play your best. Meditation is a much quicker way to get you to this point even above taking lessons or practicing all day.

As we all know the mental game of golf is as important as physical. Be present and not worry about bad shots in the past is the key to success. To achieve this kind of mental state you must need to improve your concentration. The daily practice of meditation can help you in the long term.