Beginner Golf

Package includes:

  • 3 hours beginner golf lessons with a Pro
  • basic golf package (golf ball, tee, glove, marker)
  • ebook (Rules and Etichette)

Get a beginner lesson gift voucher and surprise him or her!


Have you ever tried golf? Are you looking for a new hobby?

If you are planning a holiday in the Algarve the best place to start playing golf. If you want to surprise someone with beginner golf lessons this is a great package. We have group lessons, and lessons for individuals too.

Golf is a great hobby and has several benefits. Good experience for couples or friends to try and start something new. You do not need to bring anything for the first lessons, we provide all the equipment and a beginner package (golf balls, tee, gloves, t-shirts) too.

Playing golf is good fun but also has mental and physical benefits:

  • mental well being
  • reducing stress
  • teach you patience
  • being in nature, fresh air
  • social events

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