Yoga for golfer


1,5-hour online yoga lesson for golfers (individual)

Learn which exercise good for improving your flexibility and balance.

Ideal before or after a round of golf.

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Book your yoga for golfer lesson now!

We specialize in golfers, to achieve more flexibility, balance, and concentration. Body and mind both important parts of good golf game. Increasing your flexibility is more important in case you prevent and avoid injuries.


The upper body rotation during your golf swing is an important factor. Increase your flexibility and you will see the difference in your game. It is also helpful to avoid injuries and back problems.


Your balance during the golf swing is one of the important factors. There are several exercises to improve your balance.


Focus on your game and the present moment can be challenging if you can not concentrate enough. Being present is the key to improve your game. Don’t give to much attention and emotion to your bad shots just simply stay present.