Yoga for golfers online lesson


1-hour online yoga for golfers lesson

Personalized yoga exercises based on your golf swing (analyzed by PGA Coach)

Learn which exercise is beneficial for improving your golf swing.

Practice yoga at home and get in better shape on and off the golf course.

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Book your yoga for golfer online lesson now!

We specialize in yoga for golfers, to achieve more flexibility, balance, and core strength. All golfers know a small change with a golf swing (grip, posture, etc.) has a huge effect on the game. Same with yoga, small changes in your posture, flexibility can help you to achieve a more effective swing. Learning meditation and breathing techniques can help stay in the present and focus on your game.

Flexibility & Balance

Better flexibility allows for a better full range of motion. The golf swing requires a wide range of motion where shoulders turn 90° and the hips turn 45° during the backswing. Increase your flexibility and you will see the difference in your game. It is also very helpful to avoid injuries and back problems.

Focus & Breathing

Being present and focused is the key to improve your game. Don’t give too much attention and emotion to your bad shots just simply stay present. In the yoga for golfers lesson, you will learn different breathing techniques to help you stay focused and achieve a better game.