Gifts for men

Finding the perfect golf gifts for men in your life, whether he is your dad, husband, son, friend or grandfather can be a challenge for a nongolfer. All golfers have their favorite brands like Titleist, Ping, Taylormade, Callaway, or Nike and these brands are different for each piece of equipment. As an example, you may find your golfer will use Footjoy shoes, a Titleist Pro vi ball, and if you buy anything other than this set up they won’t use them. If you do not want to surprise him with another t-shirt or golf ball, you need to find something creative and unique.

The perfect golf gifts for men do exist and you only need to browse our online store to find the best, unique, funny, useful, and quality golf gift that will suit your golfer down to the ground. Whether it`s a birthday or Christmas it is good to give something personal/funny or creative. We collect the best golf gift ideas for men and help you to find a special one.

If you looking for a birthday gift for men you need to check out our gift box collection for golfers. Special and exclusive gifts for his birthday can be the best surprise.

Top 3 Golf gift for Men

1. Golf and Wine Tasting

Wine and golf is a perfect combination and Portugal is famous about both. If you looking for a great golf holiday for men this the favourite. After a round of golf, you need to relax and taste all the different wine from Portugal. More

2. Gentlemen Gift Box

This a great choice if you would like something timeless and personal. You can find in this box all the favorite golf gifts for men. Find out more about what you can put in this special golf gift box.

3. Golf Ball Display

An absolute favorite because almost every golfer collects balls from golf courses they have already played. This displays a perfect and stylish gift for men. Elegant wood with tee holders makes it more special.

Golf Gifts for Dad/Granddad

We have a special category for golf gifts, where you can find the perfect surprise for your dad or granddad. There are many options to give him something personal but timeless and golf-related at the same time. If your dad or granddad is golf crazy he would love these ideas for sure. Find out more about our special gifts Now!

1. Golf Wash Bag

If you are looking for a surprise there are ideal golf presents for dad or grandad here. A golf wash bag is a useful gift for someone who plays golf a lot and needs to protect their skin from sun, wind, and mosquitos. This bag contains everything he needs off or on the golf course.

2. Golf shoe bag

Unique and timeless leather golf shoe bags available in different colors (black, brown). Protect your golf shoe and keep it in a bag. This is a great and useful gift for every golfer.