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Welcome to the picturesque greens of Portugal, where love and golf seamlessly converge at the annual Lucky in Love Ladies Golf Event. This celebration of women’s golf not only, showcases skill on the course but, also brings together a community of passionate golfers for a day filled with style, and unforgettable memories. Let’s take a stroll down the fairway and relive the excitement of this year’s event.

Next Events 2024

Lucky in Love International Women’s Day 9th March 2024, Salgados / Algarve, Portugal

Lucky in Love Women‘s Golf Day 1st June 2024, Pinheiros Altos / Algarve, Portugal

Lucky in Love Ladies Golf Tournament 16th November 2024, Pinheiros Altos / Algarve, Portugal

Lucky in Love Golf Girls Road Trip is coming soon.

Golf Events 2023

Lucky in Love Women‘s Golf Day 3rd June 2023 Salgados Golf Course / Algarve, Portugal

Lucky in Love Ladies Golf Tournament 18th November 2023 Pinheiros Altos / Algarve, Portugal

The Perfect Setting: Nestled against the stunning backdrop of Portugal’s landscapes, the Lucky in Love Ladies Golf Event provides the perfect canvas for a day of sport and socializing. With manicured fairways, breathtaking views, and a welcoming atmosphere, this event goes beyond golf – it’s an experience.

International Women’s Golf Day: The festivities kick off with a special nod to Women’s Golf Day, a global movement celebrating women in golf. Participants gather to honor the achievements of women in the sport, fostering a sense of empowerment and unity. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, Lucky in Love Women’s Golf Day encourages all women to pick up a club, embrace the sport, and make lasting connections.

Lucky in Love Ladies Golf Tournament: The main event, the Ladies Golf Tournament, takes center stage, featuring skilled competitors from all walks of life. The tournament is not just a showcase of talent but a testament to the dedication and passion these women bring to the game. Spectators are treated to an inspiring display of sportsmanship as players navigate the course, vying for victory and celebrating every swing.

Lucky in Love Fashion Show: Golf and style intertwine on the fairways as the event includes a dazzling Fashion Show, highlighting the latest trends in women’s golf attire.

Great Prizes and Fun Day with Friends: The Lucky in Love Ladies Golf Event doesn’t just offer a chance to compete; it’s a day filled with laughter, joy, and friendship. Participants eagerly anticipate the announcement of winners and the distribution of great prizes. The event’s success lies not just in the competition but in the shared moments of fun and connection among friends.

As the sun sets on another successful Lucky in Love Ladies Golf Event in Portugal, the echoes of laughter, the thrill of competition, and the bonds formed on the greens linger in the air. This annual celebration of women in golf transcends the sport, creating lasting memories and fostering a sense of community that extends far beyond the fairways. Until next year, here’s to the love of golf and the extraordinary women who make the Lucky in Love Ladies Golf Event an unforgettable experience.

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