Yoga for golfers ebook


Step by step guide to getting the most from your yoga exercises to improve your game.

The best yoga positions with pictures and explanations.

Top 5 benefits of yoga for golfers:

  • increased flexibility
  • core strength for a powerful swing
  • maintain balanceĀ 
  • focus (breathing exercises and meditation)
  • better body-mind connection


Yoga benefits for golfers

The best yoga for golfer program to improve your flexibility, balance, core strength, and get a more effective golf swing. Yoga is also good for preventing injuries, help with lower back pain. Most golfers have some kind of pain or injuries in their back or shoulders. Everyday exercise, a dynamic warm-up before a golf round is a key to a better and safer game.

Balance and Flexibility for a more effective golf swing

Learn some basic yoga exercises to improve your game. You don’t need any yoga experience to follow this program and create a more powerful, effective golf swing.

Breathing exercise for better focus

Meditation and breathing can help you calm down after a bad shot and recover faster. Being in the present moment is the key to a better golf round. Golf is 90 % mental game so focusing and being in the present moment is a very important skill.